That time you broke up with Mr. Or Ms. Wrong… only THIS TIME you knew you’d never call – or answer their calls – again.

The day you actually gave notice at your steady, stable job because you knew the discomfort of the entrepreneurial unknown was more comfortable than getting paid every two weeks while giving up on your dreams.

The moment you knew you had to either write your book or shut the f*** up about it.

These are the memorable moments we can all point to in our lives and say Yup, THAT’S when I changed my life.

And while these memories are beacons of our breakthroughs – and shining moments we’re comfortable sharing with the world – they’re nowhere near as valuable or vulnerable as the many big and small breakdown moments we experience every day in the struggle, strain, and eventual surrender of stepping into our Next Level You.

Who Is Next Level You?

Think of Next Level You as the bridge between who you are today and who you’ll become someday if you’re willing to take the daunting and daring leap your intuition invites you to take.

Next Level You is a little stronger, a little braver, a little more daring than the you you’re comfortable being.

Next Level You doesn’t magically show up when it’s easy or convenient. When you FINALLY have enough money saved. When you FINALLY meet the love of your love. When you FINALLY have perfect health, a perfect body, a perfectly calm mind.

Change isn’t that linear or safe or predictable.

If it were, we’d all be thin, rich, and madly in love with our dream partner.

That’s the thing about Next Level You. Your timing STINKS. And… You’re right on time.

One more truth bomb. Next Level You isn’t going anywhere – no matter how many times you ignore, tune out, or run away from yourself.

So instead of wasting another moment in the discomfort of resistance – whether that means you’re waking up every day, looking at your once-familiar, once-comfortable life and thinking, Why doesn’t this FEEL right anymore? Or you’re looking across the dinner table at your partner/spouse/lover and realizing Every moment I stay with you is another moment I abandon myself. Or you’re showing up at work with a smile on your face while inside, every cell in your body’s screaming Get me out of here! – why not simply heed the call?

Oprah once famously said first you get the whisper of inspiration, then you hear the screams of your intuition, then you get a brick to the head to wake you up to your truth.

If you’re ready to STOP feeling crazy (or dodging bricks to the head) and START evolving into Next Level You, here are 4 simple steps you can take starting today…

Step 1: BE Uncomfortable

Chances are, you’re already incredibly uncomfortable. You just haven’t been able to acknowledge the discomfort fully because that would have meant you accepted what was happening. Yes, your life is changing. Yes, YOU are changing. And just like you can’t stuff a Genie back in the bottle or reseal Pandora’s box, YOU can’t go back to who you used to be. You can’t go back to when your long-broken relationship was whole, when your now-too-small job felt safe and comfortable, when your mediocre life felt meaningful. You’re not that person anymore. There IS no going back. Next Level You is actually already here and working on your behalf. Now’s the time to simply BE with your new self – especially when it feels uncomfortable.

Step 2: Shift from Resistance To Surrender

Once you accept that life as you know it is no longer an option, I hope it’s easier for you to energetically shift from resistance of Next Level You into soulful surrender. Start by making ample time daily to be quiet, to listen to those intuitive nudges, to powerfully choose what Next Level You wants – even when it scares the crap out of you!

If Next Level You wants to become more visible in the world, it’s time to stop hiding (on social media, on the dating scene, in your relationships, at your job, in your business, in your body, etc).

How you take action depends on the longing you feel from Next Level You. And while you don’t have to quit your job today or write your book by next week or file for divorce right now, you do need to honor the yearning you’re feeling. Don’t deny yourself an ounce of those deep desires. Write them down. Speak them out loud. Share them with a trusted friend – or your entire community if you’re ready.

Step 3: Spiritually Stretch

Right about now, things may feel incredibly uncomfortable in your body. You may feel intense anxiety, tension, stress, or fatigue. These physical symptoms are not signs that something’s wrong with you. They’re simply proof that you’re spiritually stretching – and it’s going to be uncomfortable. Why? Because change is uncomfortable – even when you really crave it.

When you want to lose weight, starting your new eating and exercise program may feel good on Day 1. But what about Day 3 when your muscles are sore, or Day 8 when your progress slows? The same is true when you want to meet the love of your life. When you have an amazing date with someone you’re really into, it’s easy to say the search for love is effortless. But how do you show up for yourself and love yourself through the moments when they don’t call you back? When they don’t ask you out again? When someone you really like doesn’t return your affections?

Spiritually Stretching isn’t just about being brave and bold when it’s easy and convenient. It’s about loving yourself enough to stay the course when it would be easier to give in and eat that piece of cake or give up and STOP trying to meet Mr. or Ms. Right. THIS is how you become Next Level You. By trusting that you’re strong enough to withstand the fire. Will you get burned? Sure. Will you also rise from the smoldering ashes of life as you knew it to tell the tale of how you burned away what no longer served you so you could reignite the spark of Next Level You? Absolutely.

Step 4: Have Faith In Next Level You

Even in your deepest, darkest moments of rock bottom, know you are not alone, crazy, or doomed. Yes, you are letting go of a lot right now – some of which is irretrievable and that’s downright sanity-questioning. But don’t lose hope. Next Level You is HERE, holding your hand, lighting your path, showing you the way in every moment. Trust yourself. Give thanks that Next Level You has your back and will never let you down. Have faith that you’re closer to the breakthrough than the breakdown. And if that’s true, there is no going back. Only moving through.

Whether this is your first experience of meeting Next Level You or you’ve found yourself evolving many times before, know this. You are exactly where you need to be right now. You are becoming the exact version of yourself for your next chapter. Love yourself deeply in every moment. Before you know it, your evolution will be complete. Your life will feel full again. You’ll once again feel on fire and on purpose. And you’ll have yourself to thank.