Psst… Feeling like your brand’s talkin’ smack behind your back? Oy!


While branding is an evolutionary experience, nothing feels quite as uncomfortable as handing someone an old business card or telling a potential client or partner, “You can go to my website, but…”

I get it. I’m in the midst of yet another brand evolution myself. And while it can sometimes make me feel cray-cray, it’s necessary. There are lessons and blessings in the discomfort. And going through the Boohoo allows you to come out the other side, exclaiming Woohoo!

If you find yourself smack dab in the midst of your own brand evolution, here are some signs your current brand may be talkin’ smack behind your back…

1. Your messaging feels more muddled than mastered

Ever feel like you just don’t have the language to accurately express the deep mission and powerful message you want to share with the world? Do you post your insights on social, only to experience crickets and wonder, “Is it ME?”

Today your message may feel more muddled than mastered. But it’s not the end of the world. It’s just time to tune in to your brand’s authentic tone and voice. When you do, you’ll instantly engage and magnetize your ideal audience, dream opportunities, and get your brand some booty!

2. Your mindset’s making you feel cray-cray

Does your self belief – your ability to KNOW and trust that what you deeply desire is not only possible but probable – waver depending on the day? Do you fearlessly “go for it” some days, only to hide in the shadows on other days, convinced success is only for other, luckier people?

It’s time to dig deep and mind your mind. When you surrender to a mindset of success, you’ll cultivate the inner game necessary to ignite your brand influence and become a highly sought after influencer in your industry.

Can I get a Woohoo!

3. Marketing feels like a dirty word

Be honest. Does marketing your brilliance feel like a skill set you just don’t have? Do you wish you could just be YOU, and leave the marketing to someone else? I get it. But here’s the dealio. If you DON’T hire a marketing expert and you AVOID marketing your brilliance, chances are you WON’T get discovered by the people who need you most. Remember, this isn’t about YOU. You are simply the best messenger the universe could find to download and deliver the brilliance that lies uniquely within you. Hopefully, that truth takes a load off your shoulders. And keeps your brand from talkin’ any more smack… behind your back.

4. Money is something you don’t like thinking about, let alone talking about

Women and money. We have an interesting relationship, don’t we? I talk to so many brilliant, talented, on fire and on purpose women in business who are terrified to talk about money. They don’t want to look at their expenses, their debt, their cash flow.

But how will you EVER change your habits and relationship with money if you don’t LOOK at it?

Most of us are not born or raised with a healthy, happy, harmonious relationship with money. And yet, here you are. In a business. And bankability is part of the puzzle.

Isn’t it time to introduce your brand to your booty (as in Pirate’s booty, cash, money, Benjamins) and once and for all STOP having your brand talk smack behind your back?

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