Get ready to reconnect and create a memory that will linger …

Date night in its current form just doesn’t work. Not only is it contrived and forced, it doesn’t allow for interaction (the whole point of a date!). Dinner and a movie might include some conversation over the meal, but new couples often spend that time talking about themselves (or their past) while established couples usually discuss the very things they’re trying to escape: kids, finances, and the normal humdrum of daily life.

Couples need a NEW date night option. A complete experience that helps them learn about each other (and their relationship) as they attempt new skills and share experiences outside of their comfort zones.

The Love Pros hard at work in the Tijon LabThe Love Pros, Charles J. Orlando and Lisa Steadman, set out on your behalf to find great unexpected date night ideas and, along the way, discovered a fun sensory experience of sorts … and no sense is more powerful than smell.

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, our sense of smell plays an active role in our daily lives. From the familiar aromas of coffee or bacon waking us in the morning, to the scent of rain in the air after a storm, our noses silently help us understand, experience and remember the world around us. In fact, your sense of smell has 90% of the influence over what we enjoy eating and how we interpret taste.

Does that mean our sense of smell actually helps us choose what, who, and how we love?

And if so, how can we find the right scent for us—for our body chemistry?

Recently, we tried out a new date night trend by attending a Fragrance 101 Class at Tijon Parfumerie in La Jolla, California. Our goal: To not only create our own signature fragrances and learn more about the science of scent, but also to discover for ourselves how a sensory experience makes a relationship stronger, more connected, and allows for a level of sharing not typical of a traditional date night.

The moment we arrived at Tijon Parfumerie, we stepped into a sensory wonderland that made us both feel like kids in the proverbial candy store. After oohing and ahhing over the beautiful trinkets, gifts, books, and scents, we found our way into the lab where we donned lab coats and started our education.

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