I’ll be honest. I never wanted to get married. I clearly remember telling The Hubs over margaritas and Mexican food on our second date: “No marriage. No kids.”

Here was my logic: I didn’t know any happily married couples.

Sure, my friends would SAY they were happy. But they just didn’t SEEM happy to me. Money stress, disagreements about child rearing, not to mention every day nitpickiness and nagging – well, I wanted none of it.

And then something changed. As the years passed, I realized I wasn’t just happy with my man, I recognized what had been missing from every relationship leading up to this one: With each passing year, my happiness was growing. Our relationship deepened. I was a better version of myself for knowing and having this man in my life.

Six years ago, The Hubs and I walked down the aisle. While I’m the writer in the family, I scrapped MY vows for the ones he’d written, starting with, I like you. A lot!

Today – eight years since meeting at a bar in Los Angeles – I’m more in love than ever with the man I married. We’ve had our rocky roads: Money challenges. An unexpected baby. In-law drama. And yet through it all, we bond more deeply and our commitment grows.

Why am I telling you all this? Trust me. It’s not to piss you off. It’s to underline what I consider a startling reality…

My happy marriage is in the minority of marriages.

With the divorce rate well over 50% in America and hovering between 40-50% worldwide, most people are NOT living a happily ever after fairytale. The majority of couples who walk down the aisle end up walking away – and often never speaking again. So much for Til Death Do Us Part!

Which got my friend and co-host of The Game Over Show Charles J Orlando and I thinking – Should Marriage Have An Expiration Date? Check out our episode on this very topic (below). And be sure to share your thoughts!

Should marriage have an expiration date?