When you’re single, the search for love can feel EPIC. You become the hero or heroine embarking on a journey into the great unknown. The challenges loom large. The obstacles sometimes dire. The ending unclear.

And… as someone who’s now been on “the other side” for ten years now, I can tell you this.

Finding love isn’t the end of an epic journey. It’s yet another EPIC beginning. What comes next is a lifetime of navigating bliss, breakdowns, breakthroughs, and moments that take your breath away – both good and bad.

Today, give thanks for the epic journey you’re embarking on in 2015. Release your need to know WHO, HOW, OR WHEN, and instead surrender to the beautiful unknown that is the new year.

In this moment, I invite you to celebrate that you’re in a space and place of genuine appreciation for every good, bad, lousy date that got you RIGHT. HERE.

Until you can find gratitude for every single unreturned phone call, bad kiss, near miss, and Big Breakup that make up your relationship past, you will not have adequate room in your heart for what’s to come.

The secret formula to making your dream relationship come true isn’t so secret at all. In fact, it’s as simple as this: Dream Plus Do.

Dream Plus Do

Spend time this week creating the vision of what you want love to look and feel like in the new year. Release the need to judge the past or control the future. And simply step into celebration of what you deeply desire. Real. Lasting. Fulfilling. Extraordinary. Love!

Once you have the vision, put your dream into DO daily with these three simple steps:

1. Give Thanks (For EVERYTHING!)

2014 wasn’t a neat and tidy kind of year. It was a ball busting, heart-in-throat, spiritual stretch mark kind of year. And while it would be so easy to say, “I never want to do THAT (or him) again!” it’s not as easy to say, “Wow. Thank you, Universe. I needed that.” The truth is, every tear you shed, any blood you bled, any fear you fed – it was all in service to who you’re becoming. So give those gremlins, frienemies, and inner critics props for getting you here so you can EVOLVE.

2. Let Go

Chances are, all that spiritual stretching and comfort zone pushing has made parts of your life too small. From difficult relationships that just don’t support or serve you to situations that make you shrink, don’t carry anything unnecessary any longer. Lighten the load by ditching any broken baggage you no longer need. By becoming baggage-light, you create room in your heart, mind, and life for bigger, better people, opportunities, and adventures to unfold. Say YES! to that.

3. Dream BIG

If you gave yourself permission, what would love look and feel like in 2015? I’m not talking about your “safety school” kind of relationship. I’m talking about THE DREAM. The one you spent all last year getting uncomfortable in the name of. The one you know you’re ready to rock… if you just gave yourself permission to speak its name. THAT’S the dream I want you to own today. Write it down. Say it out loud. Give it life, energy, words, eletricity. And pass it on!

Start by simply saying, “Love is…” and filling in the blank.

I promise you. It really is this simple. One step at a time. Dream plus do. Repeat daily.