Confession: This past weekend, I lost my mind.

And I did it gladly.

A longtime P!nk fan, I’d been wanting to see her in concert for years.

This year for my birthday, I gifted myself the experience.

Saturday night, three of my best girlfriends and I gathered for an unforgettable evening.

We kicked things off with a delicious dinner where we talked about artistry and what inspires us.

After dinner, we headed to the concert for what would become a game changing experience for us all.

From the second P!nk took the stage to her final encore, I was swept into a world of her brilliant creation. I danced my booty off. Screamed my lungs out. Cried tears of joy, inspiration, and pain. Felt moved beyond words and then screamed the words I found.

I’ve often said that live music – when done well – is like climbing inside a song and experiencing it from the inside out. That was my experience Saturday night. I climbed inside P!nk’s world, and enjoyed every moment.

Having written best selling books about breakups, my fave P!nk song by far is “So What?” from her album Funhouse.

Watch the music video below…

P!nk saved my fave song for her encore, where she came out in a green body suit, got hooked up to harnesses, and flew into the audience like Tinker Bell.

Between the song and the flying through the air, I lost my futher mucking mind!

After I regained most of my sanity, I realized that this is a woman who not only has mad talent. She’s got her brand down to a bankable bullseye! From the sexy set to the powerful performances to the energy and intention everyone put into the concert, by the encore I was a screaming, crying, transformed fan with no shame for my tears or cheers.

Watching P!nk not only perform but engage her audience reminded me of why I do the work I do in the world.

And I learned three powerful lessons that night…


Dream + Do

While we don’t all get to be rock stars who sell out stadiums and fly through the air with grace and guts, we DO have the opportunity – daily – to bring our dreams to life. Here’s the catch – it takes MORE than a dream. It takes a DO. As in action. Consistency. Accountability.

The BIGGEST difference I see between my friends and clients who succeed as brands and personalities and those who remain hidden in the shadows is their willingness to follow their dreams into the dark, sometimes scary, often exciting places those dreams want to go.

I remember the first time I heard my dream say to me, “Lisa, let’s quit our job, write a book about breakups, and become America’s Leading Breakup Expert.”

My initial reaction was, “Come again for Big Fudge?”

My second reaction was to take a deep breath, honor the dream, and do the do.

What came next was not one but five books. Dozens of TV appearances. A six figure consulting business. And regular opportunities to parlay my brand into the entertainment industry.

How can YOU put your Dream into Do daily?


Vibe With Your Tribe

As a brand ambassador who lives and does business in a 24/7 social world, you are NOTHING without your audience. You can have all the smarts, heart, and talent you want, but if you don’t appreciate, celebrate, and engage your audience consistently, you will lose them.

P!nk modeled this brilliantly. Unlike some performers who create a barrier between themselves and their audience, P!nk created no such distinction. She was IN IT with her audience. She engaged us, moved us, touched us, accepted gifts from us, invited us to sing along. But what impressed me most was when she thanked her band and her team at the end of the night, she ended by thanking us. Class act who knows how to vibe with her tribe!

How can YOU create more meaningful engagement so you can vibe with YOUR tribe?


No More Hiding

When it comes to being your brand’s ambassador, are you fully out of the closet and rocking the stage? Or is there any part of you that’s hanging back, hunkering down, quivering in your boots, or feeling the need to apologize (for the size of your thighs, the wrinkles ’round your eyes)?

Watching P!nk perform was like experiencing trust and authenticity in action. There was NO holding back. Whether she was leaping into a dancer’s arms, spinning at the speed of light in a gilded cage inches from her backup singers who were spinning right along with her, singing while suspended upside down, or dancing her booty off, there wasn’t an ounce of doubt, uncertainty, or apology for being exactly who she is.

You don’t have to be P!nk to cultivate this kind of comfort with visibility. In fact, you CAN’T reach her level of success – or any major level for that matter – without first healing those visibility wounds and stories and stepping into the spotlight with confidence and rocking it.

No more apologizing for your thighs. Or the wrinkles ’round your eyes. No. More. Hiding. Period.

So there you have it. Brand lessons learned while losing my mind.

How will YOU step out of the shadows and into the spotlight today?

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