Love Bombshell #1

With the holidays upon us, I’m hearing a lot of angst on my Facebook fan page from single women about their chances of finding real and lasting love in 2015.

But rather than label yourself a loser just because you’re minus a Plus One this holiday season, why not arm yourself instead with smart, savvy, street smart love advice so you can love your life AND start magnetizing the Love Of Your Life?

In today’s #LoveBombshell, I want you to get clear about WHERE you’re looking for love.ย  Just as you won’t find Mr. Right in the middle of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, you also won’t find him while mindlessly channel surfing night after night on your couch.

Sure, Tinder and online dating can work. But you’re so freakin’ fabulous, I want you to get out into the real world this holiday season and start recognizing that good men are everywhere! From your company holiday party to the gift wrapping line at the mall, you never know where Mr. Potential is.

Your job is to live and love being single and ready to mingle this holiday season. From this space and place, you’re sure to attract interesting, amazing, available men who, like you, just happen to be single and ready!

Do you agree or disagree with this #LoveBombshell? Post your comments below.

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