The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Huffington Post, and The Guardian UK have all recently published articles and essays on the growing trends of DINKs – Dual Income No Kids – couples who are choosing to remain child-free.  And while the reasons for not wanting kids includes personal and financial freedom, time to pursue creative ambitions, and a desire NOT to raise the next generation, no one has yet touched on the topic of who’s actually happier.

In this video with partner YourTango, I share the pros and cons of each choice – the one to raise children and the one to remain child-free. The truth is, people will tell you who’s happier based on which lifestyle buy Ativan Canada they’ve chosen. As someone who was a DINK By Design until my husband and I had nine days to prepare for instant parenting of our then-1-year-old niece, I can safely say that I straddle both worlds and I know the true joys and pain of each.

Watch and weigh in below…