Jen and Ben. Gwen and Gavin. Blake and Miranda. Kylie and Tyga. Celebrity splits happen almost daily in our pop culture world. So what do their breakups – and how they handle them – say about our own broken hearts and the post-breakup recovery roads we take?

You Take The High Road Like Jennifer Garner

Most – if not all – women fantasize about being the table flipping, fire starting, trash talking heroine of our own lives after a breakup.

Strong. Fierce. Unapologetic. Uncensored.


But when revenge fantasies become revenge realities, they are often accompanied by regrettable repercussions like an arrest record, jail time, and trying to explain that restraining order to your next love interest.

If you’re able to keep your revenge fantasies in your head – and your ex out of your bed – you’ll be better off taking the high road like Jennifer Garner following her split from Ben Affleck in 2015.

This is especially important if you have kids together. As mad as you may be at your spouse in the heat of your post-breakup split, your kids don’t deserve to be put in the middle or forced to listen to either/both of you trash talk your ex.

Taking the high road sets an example for everyone around you that while you may be nursing a broken heart, you can still have a level head and healthy sense of self esteem.

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