I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

It takes a village to rock your visibility.

It’s not enough anymore to be brilliant. Like it or not, to rock your brand genius you also need to be bold, buzz worthy, and broadcasting big enough that your ideal peeps – your ideal fans, clients, customers, and opportunities – can easily and effortlessly find you.

And unless you’re a jack of all trades with a million +following already, you’re not going to make it on your own.

That’s not bad news. After all, why would you WANT to go it alone when you can partner with a like-minded, talented, supportive tribe who gets your vibe – and can help catapult your visibility, credibility, and bankability?

If you look at any of the big names within any industry – whether it’s Beyonce, Martha Stewart, Chelsea Handler, Marie Forleo, or you – these rock stars didn’t rock what they’ve got all by themselves and get where they are today.

It took a visibility village to brand their assets and make them the multi-hyphenate Mogul they are today.

I don’t go it alone when it comes to rocking my brand genius. My Woohoo Crew includes styling by Sybil Henry; creative direction by Sarah Ancalmo; photography by Starla Fortunato; body sculpting with Chaim Dunbar; not to mention my support team of a virtual assistant, social media manager, and client manager.

While I didn’t start out with all of these team players – and none of them is on my team full time – I did hire each individual as I needed them to get the job done right and rock my brand genius from what I started to where I am today.

It’s an evolution, for sure – as are YOU and your brand genius!

My VIP clients don’t go it alone when it comes to branding their genius either. I personally pay for my concierge clients to get styled by my friend and stylist Sybil Henry and/or get photographed by my friend Starla Fortunato.

So why are you still going it alone?

In order to brand all your assets – and stand out while fully embracing and embodying your gifts and talents – it’s time to get clear about the assets in your brand that are out of alignment and the tribe you need to bring your brand to full embodiment.

I call this process Rocking Your Brand Genius.

How are you stepping it up so you can stand out so you can uplevel your brand in 2015?

Below is a snapshot of the top 20 assets you need to brand – starting today – to fully Brand YOUR Genius…

1. Blog

You have stuff to say. But to rock a buzz worthy blog, it’s HOW you say it. How can you infuse your blog with your distinct brand language?

Check out how Brand Booty Camp alum Karen Steele transformed her mission for working moms into a powerful message on her Passion Shift blog.

2. Body

It’s time to stop apologizing for the size of your thighs or the wrinkles around your eyes and START rocking what you’ve got!

See how Brand Booty Camp alum Kim McCarter is rocking her curves as THE Plus Size Industry Insider at Corporate Curves. 

3. Broadcast Platform

If your brand brilliance is only reaching your 900 Facebook fans, you’re not broadcasting big enough. If you’re ready to broadcast your brand to the world, Woohoo Radio Network wants to talk to you!

Check out Brand Booty Camp alum Ann Phillis’ radio show Spark Your Soul Radio, part of The Woohoo Radio Network’s Personalities + Opinions With A Purpose!

4. Business Card

If you find yourself apologizing as you hand someone your biz card, you’re not rocking your Brand Genius. How can you re-activate it and create a killer calling card?

Nothing rocks my proverbial socks off quite like seeing the Brand Genius messaging I’ve worked on with a client in Brand Booty Camp show up on their business card. It changes how people perceive you in an instant!

5. Creative Consistency

If you’re only broadcasting your brilliance on social media on Tuesdays and Thursdays when you have time, your ideal audience can’t know, like, or trust you. Consistency is key. Live it. Breathe it.

See for yourself how Lilly Cheng, The Self Love Luminary creates social consistency on Facebook! (Love her #IlluminateYourSelfLove posts!)

6. Email Signature

This is NOT the place to write the great American novel. Instead, craft a jingle that’s short + snappy.

7. Free Call Assets

If you’re a coach or other service provider who’s building your brand list with free calls, do your free call opt ins sizzle or fizzle?

Check out Bad Ass Business Intuitive and Brand Booty Camp alum Lisa LaJoie’s  free call page on how to access your source code of success. (Lisa’s my go-to Brand Genius for tuning into my business blocks and creating radical transformation!)

8. Graphics

Pinterest is hot for a reason. We’re visual creatures. Embrace it and Rock Your Brand Genius in all your brand images, website headers, blog photos, and rockin’ fonts.

See for yourself how visuals tell the compelling brand story of Brand Booty Camp alum Vilasi Venkatachalam on her Woohoo Radio Network show Secret Cuisines, Sacred Rituals.

9. Headshots


Oy. So much to say. So little time. This is why I have Starla on speed dial.

Starla and I co-art direct client photo shoots all the time, including Be Your Own Soul Mate’s Jacquie Somerville, Mid-life Makeover + Transformational Coach Belle Kohen, Spiritual Maverick Stephanie Kathan, and all my radio network hosts.

10. Logo

Yes, your brand is more than your logo. But your logo still counts. Does yours make you proud – or is it your red headed step child?

Check out Brand Booty Camp alum Felicia Pratt’s rockin’ new logo!

11. Marketing

Like it or not, you need a marketing plan to Rock Your Brand Genius. Without one, you’re in an expensive hobby.

See how Liz Vequist transformed her brand genius into magnetizing marketing for her upcoming 5 Day Spring Cleanse! (Craving a cleanse? Liz will show you how to rock your Slim, Fit, Sexy this spring!)

12. Messaging

It’s not what you say, but HOW you say it that catapults your credibility, visibility, + bankability. Does your message feel muddled – or mastered?

LOVE how Brand Booty Camp alum Elizabeth Locey, The Intuitive Edge For Hot Shot Entrepreneurs transformed her messaging into a mission that magnetizes + vibes with her tribe!

13. Mindset

You will only go as far as your mind allows you. Word!

See how Jentana Dabbs transformed her brand genius into a Right Brain Rebellion by mastering her mindset and then showing others how to use their own minds to ignite their business rebel-ution!

14. Sales Pages

Are your sales pages slapped together or smokin hot? (Just look at your bank account for the answer!)

Check out Brand Booty Camp alum Jeannine Chanin-Penn’s brilliantly branded sales page for her Creative Direction Session. (While you’re there, book yours!)

15. Signature Services

Do you your ideal peeps know HOW they can work with you? If not, they’re headed for your competition.

LOVED co-creating Sarah Ancalmo’s signature service The Sample Sale Session for entrepreneurial women!

16. Signature Speech

If Book More Speaking Gigs is on your To Do list in 2014, ya gotta create a killer signature speech – and have the marketing materials to sell your way onto the stage.

See how Brand Booty Camp alum Sandra Tibbs transformed her brand genius into masterful marketing for her public speaking platform.

17. Social Media Profiles, Positioning, Posts

When was the last time you updated your Twitter profile, Facebook About page, etc? Chances are, your online awesome needs some re-activating.

See how Success Mentor For Women Sandra James – also a Brand Booty Camp alum – is rocking her perfect positioning on her website and social media!

18. Video

You DON’T have to spend a fortune for killer video. However, you DO need to up your game rock your brand genius. And that means v-i-d-e-o!

19. Wardrobe

Two words. Sybil Henry. She’s styled my Brand Booty Camp alumni from bland to brand genius!

20. Website

Clunky, junky, and funky is SO 2011. Isn’t it time your website looked and sounded like the REAL you? (It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg – but NOT rebranding might!)

I offer concierge packages for clients who want support messaging, designing, programming, and marketing their website uplevel. Ask me for links!

Which of the above assets are most in need of an uplevel?

What can you get started with today? Post your comments below or share in my Brand Booty Camp Facebook group.

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