You’re an expert at what you do. You’ve put in the time, done the training, earned the degree(s), built the client base, launched the website, staked a claim on social media, ordered business cards, and opened the doors for business.

You may even be making great money.


What you do for a living isn’t exactly who you really are or what you truly want to be doing.

Sound familiar?

You’re not alone.

In my work with visionary women, I often find that these brilliant women have boxed their services and offerings – and even brands and businesses – into a teeny, tiny corner that no longer serves or supports the bigger mission and message that’s burning brightly within their hearts and souls.

Do you feel like how you monetize your business is disconnected from the deeper mission and message of who you really are and what you REALLY want to be sharing with the world?

I get it. I’ve been there. And so have countless brand geniuses before you.

If you find yourself in this space + place today, it’s time to take your business out of the box, ignite the intention behind your mission, and translate that into a powerful brand message.

Start by asking yourself these key questions…

1. What part of me DOESN’T show up in my business but needs to? (For example, I used to hide the healer side of me behind my flashy Rock Star Cheerleader. Now, I freely and fully embrace that I am a healer of sorts and as a result, I magnetize the most incredible clients who need healing in their brands and businesses.)

2. What’s the DEEPER calling that’s keeping me up at night? Capture words, feelings, emotions, visuals for this deeper calling. (For example, my deeper calling has NOTHING to do with branding. It’s ultimately to give each and every person I can positively affect permission to BE themselves – fully, completely, unapologetically.)

3. If money wasn’t a factor, what is my vision for myself as a brand? (Would you have your own TV show? If so, what network? Would you write a best selling book? If so, on what topic? Remember – it doesn’t have to be on HOW you make your living. Dream BIG!)


Meet Annamaria Poluha. 

Annamaria Poluha

Nutritionist. Corporate Wellness Ambassador. Creator of the SLIM For Life System For Women & Wellness Dynamics For Men.

I’ve known Annamaria for years. And trust me – this woman is BRILLIANT.

But after over-investing in one too many one-size-fits-all programs, mentorships, and coaches, Annamaria felt like no one understood who she was or what she’s really here to do in the world.

Like many wellness coaches and nutritionists, Annamaria had mastered the art of launching a program, getting clients, making money, but it was starting to feel empty. Unfulfilling. Not enough anymore.

That’s when she enrolled in my 90 Day Brand Booty Camp Meaningful Mentorship Program.

Within the first month of the program, Annamaria landed her first celebrity client. In the months that followed, she magnetized additional celebrity clients and a major corporate consulting gig.

She also birthed her Slim For Life Program For Women and her Wellness Dynamics System For Men.

And… most importantly, Annamaria felt for the first time like she had permission to show up and share ALL of her in the world.

Because not only does Annamaria love working with peak performers like her athlete, celebrity, and corporate clients, but she also has MAD passion for working with women who, like she did at one point in time, struggle with eating disorders.

Annamaria’s now earning a degree with a specialty in eating disorder pathology and recovery.

All because she stopped trying to be ONE THING to ONE PERSON, celebrated all of her passions, and gave herself permission to create her business based on who she REALLY is.

These same results are possible for you when you commit to branding your assets and rocking your genius!

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