You’re multi passionate. Up to big things. A mover. A shaker. A risk taker. A rule breaker.

You, my friend, are a MogulPreneur.

You do a little of this. A little of that.

So how do you marry all your gifts into one well packaged brand genius?

First, it’s time to STOP trying to be just one thing. It just doesn’t serve you anymore.

You’re not the Kim Kardashian of brands (reality star only). YOU are the Beyonce of brands (the singing, the acting, the endorsements, the tours…)

It’s time to work it and own it.

To get started, ask yourself and answer these questions today…

1. What are ALL the things I love doing? 

Include anything and everything – from blogging to speaking to hosting to media to coaching. No limits.

2. What do all of these things have in common (besides me)? 

Are they all on the same topic, have a similar theme, etc? Start looking the commonalities.

3. If you embraced ALL of these gifts, talents, and interests, how would you be more valuable and valued in the world? 

Who would want to hire you immediately for EXACTLY who you are?

How Kim Rocked Her MogulPreneur Status Into A Big Business…

Kim McCarter, Chief Curvyologist @ Corporate Curves

Meet Kim McCarter.Blogger. Social media queen. Plus size industry passionista.

When Kim first enrolled in Brand Booty Camp, she didn’t know how to marry her experience as a blogger on plus size industry brands and fashions with her social media savvy, love of speaking on stage, and general fabulousness.

Within the first month of my program, we downloaded her brand genius as The Plus Size Industry Insider®. Not long after that, her company name was born – Corporate Curves.

And then came her moniker – Chief Curvyologist.

Kim now has a full blown brand and business where she helps businesses catering to the plus-size industry and community set the foundation for their success.

In shifting how she was showing up online and celebrating ALL of her brand genius, Kim began magnetizing opportunities left and right. Just by sharing the above meme, she landed a new client in the plus size industry.

Ready to Brand Your Genius & Rock ALL Of You?

These same results are possible for you when you commit to branding your assets and rocking your genius.

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