As a MogulPreneur, nothing’s scarier than being in business for yourself and outgrowing your current client base. It happens to the best of us. And it looks something like this…

You open for business. You’re passionate about what you do. You want to serve and support EVERYONE. And so you charge what you charge to get the easy Yes.

Sound familiar?

And then here’s what happens. You get even BETTER at what you do. You start to see the value you deliver. And the results your clients get.

You begin to see just how valuable you really are. And you realize Hey, I’m not actually charging what I’m worth. 

You may also think I’ve evolved. Can my clients evolve with me? Or am I starting over with a NEW client base? 

The truth is, some of your clients will evolve right along with you. And some – as you evolve – will stay behind. And that’s OK.

So how do you know when you’ve evolved past your current client base? And how can you summon the strength to evolve as a brand genius without worrying that no one will come along?

Ask and answer these 3 BrandWork questions today…

1. Who is my dream client/customer? (Or if you’re looking to uplevel your job, ask yourself: What is my dream job?)

Describe them in detail. Income level, education, pain points, personality, etc.

2. What percentage of my current client base reflects this dream client?

Be honest with yourself as you answer.

3. Who do I need to BECOME to embody my uplevel and attract my new dream client? 

Do you need to uplevel your website, restyle your wardrobe, rebrand your programs, products, and offerings, etc?

How Cheryl Rocked Her Brand Uplevel

Cheryl Pullins, Iconic Legacy Brand Purveyor

Meet Cheryl Pullins. 

Cheryl is a masterful mentor for women and teaches them how to Brand Their Awesome.

When she enrolled in Brand Booty Camp Cheryl was in the midst of a brand uplevel. She knew the level she’d been playing at in the past felt too small. But she was nervous about stepping into full ownership of her uplevel as a brand genius because she just didn’t know WHO would show up as her new client.

In her own words…

“Before working with Lisa, my biggest challenge was two-fold. One was clarity about myself and my ideal client. The second was that my pricing wasn’t aligned with my brand. The biggest shift I experienced in Brand Booty Camp was embracing that my brand has a distinctive look and feel, which now guides everything my brand represents, including the new clients I represent.”

In surrendering her need to control the process and instead celebrating what was unfolding, Cheryl and I were able to download her juicy brand genius moniker – Iconic Brand Legacy Purveyor. And that’s when she started showing up as the fully embodied brand genius she truly is.

The results? 

Her new ideal clients started showing up and hiring her. Her brand image online matched how she wanted to show up and share. Fans, potential clients, and customers started responding to her differently on social media.

All because Cheryl honored her uplevel, took the leap away from the comfort of not charging enough and not owning her uplevel, and stepped into full embodiment of who she really is and what she’s really here to do.

Ready To Rock YOUR Brand Uplevel? 

These same results are possible for you when you commit to branding your assets and rocking your genius.

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