Visibility. What does it mean to you?

When you’re first stepping into the spotlight as a brand and business owner, visibility can feel daunting.

Our lifelong fears of being criticized, judged, ridiculed, and/or viewed as an Imposter rear their ugly heads.

As much as we want to rock that spotlight – as a speaker, author, expert, media personality, brand ambassador, etc – often we’re surprised how deep those core visibility fears go.

Can you relate?

When my first book It’s A Breakup, Not A Breakdown debuted seven years ago and I suddenly became highly visible as America’s Leading Breakup Expert, I was secretly so terrified of being seen, heard, and judged that I started losing my hair. My stress manifested itself physically – yikes!

It wasn’t that I didn’t WANT the visibility. I’d worked hard for it. But it also triggered some deep core s*** I hadn’t yet worked through. And it wasn’t until I faced my demons smack dab in the mirror and healed them that I was able to confidently step into the spotlight and rock my brand genius.

If you find yourself in this same space + place right now, here are the key questions to ask yourself:

1. What area of your life are you hiding in – business, personal, or both?
Do you dim your light around your friends so you don’t alienate anyone or make them feel less than? Do you only step so far into the spotlight in your business before shutting down and shunning center stage? Knowing WHERE you’re hiding is key to putting an end to your reign as The Invisible Brand.

2. What are the fears/beliefs/stories that are keeping you in hiding?
You can’t move past these issues until you face them head on. Whether you have body shame and fear people will see your flaws + faults, grew up in a house where it wasn’t OK to be seen and heard for who you really are, or walk around with some other deep seated story about why it’s not ok to step up + stand out, now’s the time to write those bad boys down on paper. Get to know your saboteurs. This is the first step in releasing them.

3. What are the payoffs for staying + playing small?
There’s ALWAYS a payoff. Sometimes it’s as simple as “If I really stand out, then I’ll have to be responsible for all the work that comes my way. And sometimes the payoff is as startling as “If I stay + play small, I won’t have to leave my marriage.”

Only YOU know for sure what payoffs are keeping you down. It’s time to get clear and clear them out. Spend time today writing down the payoffs. Looking at them with a fresh set of eyes – no judgment, only compassion. From this space + place you can start the letting go process.

How Elizabeth Came Out Of Hiding To Rock Her Visibility Spotlight…

Elizabeth Locey

Meet Elizabeth Locey.

This rock star intuitive reads Akashic Records and mentors Hot Shot Entrepreneurs to discover and rock THEIR intuitive edge so they can achieve the next level of success.

When she enrolled in Brand Booty Camp, Elizabeth thought she was there to build a buzz worthy brand. And she was, but the work went so much deeper than that. For her, the work became about recognizing where she was hiding in her life and business.

In her own words…

“Visibility as a concept became super tangible to me in Brand Booty Camp. I hadn’t really been monitoring the ways in which I was showing up vs. hiding. I had drawn a pretty clear line between my private life and my business life, and whoops! hiding in private = hiding in public, at least part of the time. Wow–such a huge and valuable lesson that was. And I mean in both personal growth and ka-ching. Thanks, Lisa!”

About halfway through my 90 Day Brand Booty Camp, Elizabeth recognized her visibility blind spots, blasted through them, and the results were instant.

“My audience tells me they feel a shift in how I show up. I’ve officially taken the ‘safety’ off of my visibility guns!”

What happened next was incredible. Bigger names started calling on Elizabeth for their own hot shot dose of intuition. She started seeing her brand differently. And owning her gifts on a deeper level. And she STOPPED hiding – both personally AND professionally.

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