I admit it. I’ve got mad love for women who are great in business, but not-so-great at being the visible face and voice of their brand.

These are some of my FAVE clients to mentor. They know how to make things happen. They know how to make more money than they need.

And yet…

They know something’s not quite right. Something’s keeping them up at night. That something is usually a nagging feeling that there’s got to be MORE than just landing another client or making another sale.

Often they’re in a life transition and want to stop working so freakin’ hard – especially at the expense of missing out on time with their hubby or kids.

Often they’ve parlayed their business savvy into big time consulting gigs where they have the comfort and luxury of collecting a big paycheck for their business AND they don’t have to be visible as a brand.

Often they’ve been working with other coaches and mentors who taught them the masculine approach to building a biz: Work, work, work. Sell, sell, sell. Reinvest, reinvest, reinvest. Break even. Break even. Break even.

Can you say Hamster Wheel much?

If you find yourself in this space + place in your own business, congratulations. You’ve come a long way, Baby!

But doing business the way you’ve always done it is only going to bring you more of the same. And that’s no longer enough.

Times have changed. Your customers, clients, and fans have changed.

Welcome to the world of the MogulPreneur Personality. Where the more YOU you own, embody, and share, the more people want to know you, like you, trust you, and buy from you.

What’s an old school bizpreneur to do?

Get busy, Baby! Rock your spotlight and enjoy being seen for who you REALLY are – not the stuffy version you’ve been portraying because you didn’t know any better.

Yes, this is easier said than done. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Here’s how to rock your Brand Genius as a Personality…

1. Look at your website, social media profiles, and even your email signature. Who/what are you promoting? (Is your website url your company name or your name? Does your email signature read like a Russian novel (barely decipherable but oh so impressive) or like a snappy jingle with just the Twittered down highlights? (def the way to go!)

2. Review your brand visuals. Does your website header, colors, headshots, and images show the REAL you – or some playing it safe version of who you thought you were supposed to be once upon a time to be taken seriously? (a.k.a. is it time to uplevel your brand image so the real you can come out of hiding?)

3. What part of you needs unleashing or unlocking so that the FULL you is embodied – online and offline? Think upping and owning your signature style (including that new handbag you’ve been coveting), personality-driven social media presence (BE you!), and setting the REAL You free in all aspects of your online and offline presence.

Until you fully own, embody, and celebrate all of you and your Brand Genius, you won’t fully vibe with your ideal tribe. G’head. Get to spotlight rocking!

How Julie Transitioned From Biz Owner To Brand Genius… 

Julie Ferman, Master of Matchmaking

Meet Julie Ferman. Master of Matchmaking who helps singles in Southern California transform from ME to WE with heart and soul.

Genius, right?

Julie’s the epitome of someone who has always been brilliant, but just recently stepped into full ownership of who she is as a brand.

Back in the day, she ran a small matchmaking service that became so successful another company bought her business and brought her on as a consultant. Julie spent the last few years growing that company’s business. In this capacity, she got to do what she does best – match discerning singles with other high caliber catches – while avoiding the spotlight.

And then something happened. The company closed. And all that hard work Julie’d been clocking screeched to a halt.

Julie took a pause. And a breath. And did what any savvy MogulPreneur would do.

She reinvented and rebranded.

In her own words…

“Brand Booty Camp was exactly what I needed. Lisa’s branding expertise enabled me to shift from overwhelm/ confusion to clarity and focus, and to find just the right words that would capture my essence and my mission for my new logo, business cards, website, etc. SUCH a beautiful process Lisa guides us through. Her guidance, partnership, wisdom and overall awesomeness made this re-launch a complete and total dream.”

Here’s Julie before Brand Booty Camp…

Julie Ferman Before Brand Booty Camp

Cute, right? But not step-up-and-stand-out EXTRAORDINARY, like the woman she really is!

During Brand Booty Camp, we nailed her brand genius as THE go to boutique matchmaker in Southern California for discerning singles looking for high caliber catches with a proven success rate (she’s successfully matched thousands of marriages!).

What came next was…

A branded photo shoot with my go-to photographer Starla Fortunato (she shoots all of my Woohoo Radio Network hosts)

A cultivation of her new and oh so juicy brand lexicon which she then infused into her website, social media, and blogs.

A website makeover courtesy of my friends at http://websitesbycreation.com.

And voila! A personality-driven brand and business is born.

Here’s Julie after taking her Brand Booty Camp Style Guide to Starla Fortunato and team…

Bam! Julie Ferman rocking it!

Talking about rocking her brand genius!

Ready to step into YOUR spotlight and rock YOUR brand genius? 

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