Do you have decades of corporate experience burning a hole in your brand back pocket… but you don’t know how to leverage the power of your professional background into a brand and business where YOU’RE in the spotlight?

You’re not alone.

In record numbers, women are making graceful exits from corporate America in droves.

They’re done with making someone else wealthy while they collect a paycheck and miss out on major moments in their family life.

Or after years of dedicated service, they suddenly find themselves downsized or outsourced and left to figure out What’s next?

Or they finally summon the courage and cajones to unshackle themselves from their golden handcuffs and start rocking their genius their way – on their terms.

Are you one of these women?

If so, congratulations!

The truth is, the world needs you to rock your genius your way.

So what’s holding you back?

Do you struggle with how to juggle the multiple hats you now need to wear – as an expert with mad skills AND as someone who runs the show and calls the shots?

Have you always stood in the shadows so this Spotlight Dance you’re being invited to rock feels foreign – and scary?

Do you feel stumped for how to message, market, and monetize all your years of experience?

Today, answer these three key questions: 

1. What about your corporate experience sets you apart from everyone else who allegedly does what you do? (Get your brag on!)

When I stopped hiding the fact that long before I branded myself America’s Leading Breakup Expert before going on to brand other personalities + business owners I’d actually helped build a $9 million dollar brand and online community for Mattel, my street cred definitely made me stand out as a brand connoisseur!

2.  Why are you now in your own business?

This is where you tell your story about leaving corporate for more work-life balance with your family or that you got sick of all the corporate dysfunction and found a better way (your clients will relate and love you for this!)

3. How does your journey help your clients?

A lot of my clients are ex-corporate types who come to me in the midst of a brand uplevel. They LOVE that I’ve branded Barbie. They also dig that I’ve been through my own uplevel (many times!). It makes them feel like  I get them AND they see that I’ve successfully rebranded without losing fans or momentum. This gives them peace of mind that they, too, can do thesame.

How Jeannine Turned Her Corporate Street Cred Into Her Own Brand Renaissance.

Meet Jeannine Chanin-Penn. 

Jeannine’s Chief Creative Counsel at xoj9 Creative where good creative is not a luxury. It’s a necessity.Prior to enrolling in Brand Booty Camp, Jeannine found herself in the shadows rather than the spotlight in her own brand + biz.After decades working as a creative director for ad agencies and the entertainment industry including HBO, TBWA Chiat/Day, and Grey Entertainment where she helped promote and launch such hit shows as Tracey Ullman, Larry Sanders, and DreamOn on HBO and Once and Again and The Drew Carey Show on ABC, Jeannine took the entrepreneurial leap so she could have a more hands on role as a mom to her young son.While she loved the freedom and flexibility of being an entrepreneur, Jeannine faced some common challenges you might also be facing…

She’d always stood behind her work on big brands, but now she needed to step up and stand out as her own brand.

While her creative direction expertise was unparalleled, she didn’t know how to message or market her brand genius.

Sound familiar?

In answering the questions above and through our work in my 90 Day Brand Booty Camp Program, Jeannine was able to embrace who she really is, what she’s really good at, AND own that smokin’ street cred that very few others possess.  In doing so, we cultivated her Creative Credo and launched her first offering for business experiencing their own Brand Renaissance.

The results speak for themselves!

Check out her gorgeous and on brand website >

Want to find a way to rock your corporate street cred in your own brand? It’s time to get as clear and specific as Jeannine did with your own brand distinctions (this is what I call the Why You? that vibes with your ideal tribe) and brand lexicon (that juicy language that celebrates your genius!)

Ready to brand your assets + rock your genius? 

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