Be honest. Do you feel like you know who you are, you know what you have to offer the world, and yet you have NO idea how to communicate it in a way that vibes with your tribe?

Signs you get you, but no one else does:

1. You struggle with what to say on social media

2. When you do post on Facebook and Twitter, it feels like crickets are the only ones chiming in

3. You launch products, programs, services and if you’re lucky, a handful of people seem interested but never quite get around to investing in you

You’re not alone.

The truth is, you may be so gifted at what you’re GREAT at (healing, teaching, speaking, designing, transforming) that you don’t have any room left in that MogulPreneur brain for messaging or marketing mastery.

This isn’t bad news. (You can’t be good at EVERYTHING, right?)

The good news is, you don’t have to struggle, strain, or feel stuck any longer. Today, we’re going to take 3 simple steps in the direction of what to say and how to say it in a way that vibes with your tribe.

1. What are 3-5 words your ideal fans, clients, customers use to describe what they love about you? (Get specific. Amazing isn’t nearly as distinct as On fire + on purpose)

2. What 3-5 words do I aspire to fully embody as my best brand ambassador self? (Again, get specific. Inspiring isn’t as distinct as Deliciously rebellious)

3. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being needs work, 10 being rockin it), how well does your current brand message (on your website, on social media, in emails) embody the words you captured in questions 1 and 2? If you score below a 6, try infusing some of the words above into one piece of your brand message today.

How Jentana owned her brand distinctions + rocked her genius…

Meet Jentana Dabbs, Brand Booty Camp Success Story

Meet Jentana Dabbs.

Jentana’s Chief Right Brain Rebel at This Chic Is On Fire Coaching & Consulting.

Prior to enrolling in my 90 Day Brand Booty Camp, Jentana experienced what you might be experiencing right now – radio silence on social media.

Let’s be clear. Jentana wasn’t the problem. She got who she was and what she had to offer the world. She just didn’t know how to say it in a way that would vibe with her online tribe.

In her own words…

“Before enrolling in Lisa’s 90 Day Brand Booty Camp, I was not only confused about my brand, but I wasn’t being true to who I AM (I used to say I was a ‘Brain Trainer’ = so not me!). Lisa helped unleash the rebel fire that was inside of me and worked with me to get clear and REAL on who I am, who my tribe is, and what my brand image looks and feels like. My online following grew quickly and so has my confidence!”

By answering the questions above, Jentana began to cultivate a unique brand lexicon that vibed with her tribe. What came next was big, bold, bad ass visibility on social media where people started paying attention and engaging with Jentana. Genius, right?

Dialing into her distinctions helped Jentana recognize who she really is as a brand ambassador and who’s she’s here to serve: Unconventional entrepreneurial women who struggle to follow the left brain rules of business.

See how Jentana’s transformed her brand genius into a magnetizing message on her website.

By showing them how to harness the power of their authentic right brain thinking, Jentana helps her clients ignite their natural talents and gifts for explosive results in business and life.

You, too, can get this clear and specific with your own brand distinctions (this is what I call the Why You? that vibes with your ideal tribe) and brand lexicon (that juicy language that celebrates your genius!)

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