There’s nothing more humbling as a MogulPreneur than to be so good at what you do for your clients – but so stumped for how to do it for yourself.

Can you relate?

There’s no shame in this. The truth is, you may just be so brilliant at what you do and yet you may be too close to that brilliance to gift yourself your own genius.

Full disclosure time: I hire other people to brand my brand. And a lot of branding professionals mentor with me because they’re just too close to their own brand.

Whatever your brand genius is – whether you’re a healer who can’t heal yourself, a brand expert who can’t brand yourself, a marketing mentor who can’t solve your own marketing blindspots, a visual design pro who struggles with your own brand identity, know that there’s nothing wrong with you.

It’s simply time to get out of the way.

If you find yourself struggling to solve your own problems from your own brand genius, today’s BrandWork questions should help…

1. What – if anything – do I do for my clients that I feel stumped for how to do for myself?

2. What can I learn from my process with clients that may help me with my own stuck-ness in this same area?

3. Who can I trust to help me get to the next level of my success?

These three simple questions help shine a light on what you do for others that you may actually need someone else to do for you.

How Rachel Transformed Her Brand Genius Into A Visibility Boom.

Rachel Lavern, The Original Online Biz Boomer Babe

Meet RachelLavern, The Original Online Biz Boomer Babe. Rachel mentors baby boomers who are ready to build a booming online business that supplements their second act. Her genius lies in three key areas: Business strategy and systems, mindset styling, and technical pampering.

When Rachel enrolled in Brand Booty Camp, she struggled in one key area: She knew how to build a booming online biz for her clients that helped them stand out and enjoy success, but she felt stumped for how to stand out herself. By dialing into her distinctions as an online business mentor, we found a voice that felt authentic, an avatar that vibed with her tribe, and upleveled how she started showing up online.

Now Rachel not only helps her clients stand out with their booming online businesses, she stands out with her booming brand!

In her own words…

“Before working with Lisa, I struggled to communicate what I offer my clients. I felt like a very little fish in a very big pond and that my gifts would never be discovered because I couldn’t express what made me unique. Through Brand Booty Camp, Lisa helped me get clear on my booming marketing message in a matter-of-fact, laser-focused way. My new brand is now cohesive and is already creating a buzz and etching a space for me in my market!”

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