As a MogulPreneur, you’re a rock star at so many things. And yet, you experience brand genius blind spots, too.

Maybe you’re amazing at what you do, but stumped by how to transform your gifts into a message you can market.

Maybe you’re a profitable brand genius but deep down you know this isn’t what you’re REALLY supposed to be doing.

Maybe you’ve got a great new offering you’re excited to share with your tribe, but you have no idea how to turn it into a lucrative launch.

Whatever it is that’s keeping your brand genius up at night – worrying, wondering, feeling stuck, unsure how to move forward – chances are all that angst isn’t just happening to you. It’s actually happening FOR you. And for your clients.

Think about it. Whatever you’re grappling with may in fact be the exact pain point your client is experiencing. And by identifying it, feeling your way through it, and putting a message to the messiness, you unearth a deeper version of you, your brand, and your magnetizing marketing message.

In the midst of struggle + strain? Here’s how to turn it into solutions + celebrations…

Start by asking and answering these 3 BrandWork questions…

1. What is the biggest struggle/strain I’m experiencing right now in my business (even if it feels more personal)?

2. How could this struggle and the lessons learned help me in my process with clients?

3. How can I transform what feels messy into my magnetizing message?

These three simple questions help shine a light on how your greatest struggle is actually a valuable asset you can use to better understand – and speak to – your ideal audience.

How Jindra Transformed Her Messaging Struggles Into Valuing The Voices Of HerCommunity…

Jindra Cekan

Meet JindraCekan. International Development Advocate. Jindra’s been designing and developing projects and programs for communities in need around the world for decades. And what she’s seen in that time is how broken the system she works within actually is.

When she enrolled in Brand Booty Camp, Jindra was firmly focused on what WASN’T working within her industry. In doing so, she felt powerless to affect real change. She also felt like what she REALLY wanted to be talking about – sustainable solutions and revolutionary change to how development work is done around the world – just couldn’t be heard by her peers and the organizations and individuals who fund her projects.

Once we tuned in to Jindra’s greatest pain point – that her voice for change wasn’t being heard – we recognized that this was also the greatest pain point of those communities she serves. Specifically, the voices of the individuals within the communities these development projects provide funding for are also silenced by bureaucracy, ignorance, etc.

That’s when Jindra launched her new brand – Valuing Voices. Since shifting her focus from feeling silent and helpless to empowered and amplified, Jindra’s work is taking on a life of its own. Organizations are lining up to model programs and projects based around her Valuing Voices approach.

Ready to transform YOUR greatest struggle into solutions that vibe with your tribe?

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