Something’s keeping you up at night. And that something is a deep seated desire to STOP selling services and START creating a bigger impact through your mission and message.

So how do you make the shift? How do you STOP marketing a service and START living in the fullest expression of your brand genius?

It starts with honoring ALL of you. And tuning in to the deeper YOU who wants to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight so you can rock your message into a mission-driven movement that magnetizes your ideal audience, a.k.a. vibes with your tribe.

If you find yourself in this space + place right now – of shifting away from Meaningless Marketer into Mission-Driven Messenger, ask yourself these 3 BrandWork questions…

1. What’s the difference between what I’m marketing (my products and services) and my deeper message (what I’m really called to do)?

2. Rewrite your mission statement from Day 11’s BrandWork to see if there’s a more magnetized version of your message.

3. Who do I need to become to shift out of less meaningful marketing and into my mission driven message? (This has to do with being willing to STOP hiding behind your business)

These three simple questions put you on the path to marrying your mission with your messaging while cultivating a brand lexicon that’s distinct to you.

How Karen Transformed Her Mission Into A Magnetizing Message.

Karen Steele, The Passion Shift

Meet Karen Steele. Wife. Mom. MultiPassionate MogulPreneur. And woman on a mission to help working moms change the face of business with her movement The Passion Shift.

When Karen enrolled in my 90 Day Brand Booty Camp Mentorship Program, she was feeling the call to shift out of the role of COACH and into full ownership of Mom On A Mission & Mentor. Her message was in the midst of shifting from muddled to magnetizing. 

As we started working together, Karen and I dove into the essence of her mission and message. We started talking about Sheryl Sandberg’s book and movement Lean In. And THAT’S when Karen said, “It’s not about leaning in so we can succeed in business. It’s about shifting HOW we do business as working moms.”

That’s when we birthed her brand The Passion Shift: Go From Working Mom To Mom On A Mission.

Once Karen freed herself from the confines of the label COACH and into the freedom and flexibility – and fun! – of her mission driven message, she was able to powerfully rebrand herself and change how she works with women. Today, Karen mentors women in corporate who are ready to shift how they show up at work so they can honor their family life without sacrificing their career trajectory, AND she mentors women ready to shift out of corporate into a career where they call the shots.

In her own words…

“The biggest shift in doing this work with Lisa in Brand Booty Camp was gaining extreme clarity on my ideal clients, the message I had to share with the world, and how to best support and serve the women I work with. I now have a big vision for my business that I am passionate about that will enable me to leave the legacy I desire with the work I do. I have also been attracting clients who are a perfect fit for the programs and services I offer!”

In helping my clients step into full ownership of the work they’re truly meant to do in the world, I get to do the work I’m meant to do. Talk about a win-win!

Ready to Transform your mission into a magnetizing message and meaningful marketing?

These same results are possible for you when you commit to branding your assets and rocking your genius.

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