Be honest. How much time do you spend each day thinking about YOUR brand and business vs. your (alleged) competition’s brand and business?

The truth is, in our highly social business world, with 24/7 tweets, never ending status updates, and perfectly polished online positioning, it’s easy to obsess about what So and so’s doing while throwing yourself under the bus.

If you, like the majority of human beings on the planet, find yourself occasionally – or daily –  obsessing about what your (alleged) competition is up to instead of tuning in to your own divine directions, you may also find yourself feeling like a failure.

And here’s why.

Social media can be a real mind f***. EVERYONE looks like they’re doing incredibly well, enjoying tremendous success, and in general having the BEST. LIFE. EVER!

Very few people actually pull back the curtain and reveal their struggles, strains, frustrations, and perceived failures.

So why are you assuming your (alleged) competition is so freakin’ perfect?

And why do I keep saying (alleged)?

Yes, there are hundreds if not thousands of people who do something similar to you in your industry. But none of them ARE you. None of them have your exact background; your story, your street cred, your mind, your heart, your dreams, your goals, your vision, YOUR brand genius.

Only YOU can rock the Woohoo that YOU do, a.k.a. own, ignite, and embody your authentic brand genius that’s signature to you – and that your ideal audience desperately wants and needs.

So how do you stop obsessing about the competition and start rocking YOUR brand genius?

First, identify your top 3 competitors. Then ask yourself  these BrandWork questions…

1. What are they doing well? (a.k.a. How do you perceive that they are outshining you?)

2. How am I different? What’s my unique brand edge?

3. Why would MY ideal clients choose me over them?

These three simple questions will reveal the deeper you that needs to be fully expressed and embodies throughout your brand so your ideal clients, customers, and fans can find YOU.

How Mary Stopped Blending In + Started Standing Out From Her (Alleged) Competition.

Mary Bacon

Meet Mary Bacon, Nurse Practitioner, Eating Psychology Expert, Weight Loss Coach For Real People.

Like many health and wellness professionals, Mary used to feel overwhelmed by the competition. Their flashy branding, high end videos, client testimonials, and perfectly polished personas just seemed so… unrealistic and unattainable.

After enrolling in Brand Booty Camp – where Mary and I dug deep into the questions above – Mary discovered what sets her apart from her alleged competition. Unlike the instant results some experts offered, or the high price tag programs big names presented, or the You, too, can look like Perfect Me approach, Mary stepped into ownership of her authentic brand genius.

Specifically, she owned her REALness. As The Real People Weight Loss Coach, Mary works with real people who don’t want to deprive themselves skinny by tomorrow but who desire real, lasting, and meaningful change in their relationships with food, their bodies, and their lifestyle.

Using a holistic approach encompassing eating psychology, every day nutrition, a realistic exercise plan, and her background as a nurse practitioner, Mary took herself from one of thousands of health experts to one of a kind as THE go to expert for real people craving real results.

Check out her upleveled brand messaging on her website here.

In her own words… 

“Brand Booty Camp gave me a sense of focus and an identity that I didn’t have before. I know who I am and who I most want to serve.”

Ready to Step Up & Stand Out From YOUR (Alleged) Competition?

These same results are possible for you when you commit to branding your assets and rocking your genius.

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