You’re brilliant. No doubt about it. You have things to say. Gifts galore. People to reach. A world to change. And yet, you’re stumped on how to say it, let alone how to stand out with your mission driven message. This is what keeps you up at night. What am I doing wrong?! you wonder. Why can’t I figure this out?! you despair. The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just too freakin’ close to your genius to be able to articulate what it is in a way that vibes with your tribe.

Take a step back. Answer these questions:

  1. Deep down, what do I KNOW I’m being called to do/be/serve?
  2. Who needs to hear my message?
  3. What 3 things about me make me the perfect messenger? (Your life experience, training, gifts, street cred, etc)

This is your only work to do today. Post your answers in the Brand Booty Camp Facebook Group here. (Tomorrow, we’ll build on this.)

How Lisa LaJoie turned her genius into a brand she can bank on…

Meet Lisa LaJoie. Bad Ass Business Intuitive. Like many healers and intuitives, Lisa is so incredibly gifted and mission-driven. But what kept her up at night was an overwhelming anxiety about how to share her gifts in ways that her ideal clients, customers, and fans could understand. Specifically, she struggled with what to say, how to say it, and how to create a meaningful impact that her tribe vibed with. In answering the questions above (your brandwork for today), Lisa tapped into her own brand lexicon, birthing + unearthing her MogulPreneur brand sweet spot… The Source Code of Success.

What is The Source Code of Success?

The Source Code of Success is YOUR personal soul code that aligns with your greatness, your gifts, and your life purpose. When you access it, you tap into the most natural vibration of success from the inside out.

See how Lisa and I transformed her brand lexicon into magnetizing messaging and marketing on her website.

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