Running your own business can feel a lot like you’re the plate spinning , sword swallowing, fire juggling main attraction at the circus.

Translation: You’re a busy mother f***er!

And yet… all that busy-ness doesn’t guarantee BUSINESS.

What’s a MogulPreneur to do?

Slow down and get strategic.

Come again for Big Fudge? 

Yes, I said SLOW DOWN.

What I also said was Get Strategic.

All that Facebook posting, tweeting, email blasting, blogging is great…

But without a strategy it’ll just be busy-ness WITHOUT business.

And you’re better than that.

So let’s Tawk Biz-ness.

To get started, ask yourself and answer these BrandWork questions…

1. How often am I turning social engagement into sales conversations?

2. Do I even have an offer I’m making – EVER? If so, what is it? What’s my irresistible offer? What’s the urgency factor I’m creating around my offer?

3. What’s my 2014 plan for taking my brand genius to the bank?

How Liz Rocked Her Brand Genius Into A Lucrative Launch

Liz Vequist, Slim, Fit, Sexy

Meet Liz Vequist – Health Coach, Shiatsu Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, and creator of Slim, Fit, & Sexy For Life!

Before enrolling in Brand Booty Camp, Liz struggled in two areas…

1. She, like Chief Curvyologist Kim McCarter, didn’t know how to cultivate a fully embodied brand around ALL her gifts and talents.

2. Liz had built her brand and had a business, but didn’t know how to rock a lucrative launch for her Slim, Fit, Sexy program for women.

Marketing was her brand blindspot.

In unlocking my step by step process for turning brand visibility into magnetizing marketing and ultimately client client attraction, Liz celebrated her biggest lucrative launch ever – and we were only halfway through my 90 Day Brand Booty Camp!

By answering the questions above – and following my template with sample visibility campaign content, email marketing campaigns, free call pages, call scripts, and sales pages – Liz took herself from muddled messenger to  masterful marketer in record time.

The results? Selling out her lucrative launch program and rocking her clients’ proverbial socks off!

In her own words…

“I learned so much from Brand Booty Camp and it wasn’t just the branding. I just finished the last call of my six week group program and I have to say it was the best group program I’ve ever done. I am in awe of the incredible community that was created in the program – and the results these ladies got. I don’t have all the results in yet, but one woman lost 3 inches off her waist, another 2.5 inches, another 10+ pounds (just in 6 weeks!) and they all said that they’re enjoying eating healthy, they’re eating well w/o thinking about it (or worrying about calories!) and overall they just plain feel better.

When you’re in a powerful group program with a brilliant mentor like Lisa Steadman you can really learn/model how to build a powerful group container that yields results. WOW, was this powerful. Thank you so much Lisa!”

Ready to Rock Your Brand Genius Into A Lucrative Launch? 

These same results are possible for you when you commit to branding your assets and rocking your genius.

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