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Confessions Of An Imposter Mom: Wife Wanted (Dead Beat Dads Need Not Apply)

You know what every working woman – especially every working mom – needs? A wife. Someone to cook, clean, take care of the household. AND co-parent with her. Why not a husband, you ask? Because as I’m slowly discovering as an Imposter Mom, today’s husbands are either workaholics themselves, or are – contrary to the […]

Dating After Divorce? The Dos & Don’ts to Avoid Drama, Disasters, & Disappointment

For the record, I’ve never been divorced. But in the six years since the release of my first book It’s A Breakup, Not A Breakdown, I’ve talked to tens of thousands of men and women who found themselves starting over after a Big Breakup or divorce. For the first time—sometimes in decades if not in their entire […]