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Confessions Of An Imposter Mom: Playground Politics

I’m not proud of what I’m about to say, but here goes… I’m a real a**hole on the playground. More specifically, I may be ruining young psyches with my playground politics. Case in point: The little blond girl we’ll call Julia. In my defense, Julia’s a real prima dona. Blonde. Prissy. Know-it-all. She may only […]

The Girl’s Guide to the Anatomy of Love: Which Body Part Falls For Him First?

I admit it. Before I married The Hubs, I was notorious for falling for wildly inappropriate men based on wildly inappropriate reasons. This explains why I pendulum dated throughout my late teens, 20s, and into my early 30s, vacillating from one extreme to the next. From the asshole bodybuilder to the nerdy Star Wars fanatic to […]