Thank you to the folks at for the powerful piece sharing my story of how I went from my Big Breakup to 1 of America’s Leading Breakup Experts! In this interview, I reveal my secrets for turning my rock bottom (aka the Boohoo of my breakup) into my whole life reinvention (aka The Woohoo of what’s next). You can do the same and I LOVE showing you how!

Here’s the article… 

Relationship expert Lisa Steadman isn’t a trained therapist, and she doesn’t have any degrees in psychology. But she does have years of personal experience to back up her advice as a dating coach. She didn’t start out as a perfect dater, but every dating misstep was a lesson in what makes a relationship fail or succeed.

According to Lisa’s blog, “I pendulum dated throughout my late teens, 20s, and into my early 30s, vacillating from one extreme to the next. From the asshole bodybuilder to the nerdy Star Wars fanatic to the pothead with money problems to the boy toy with the cool car to the kinky magician who couldn’t commit to… you get the picture.”

Lisa’s own dating history taught her to date with purpose, and now she shares her dating takeaways with single women looking for meaningful relationships. She knows from experience the hardships singles can face and wants to make the journey a little easier. Ultimately, Lisa changed her dating patterns, grew as a person, and now has been happily married for nine years.

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